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4 PC. Boleyn Renaissance Dress with Tudor Sleeves & Velvet Over-Skirt #1

4 PC. Boleyn Renaissance Dress with Tudor Sleeves & Velvet Over-Skirt #1
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Product Description

Custom Handmade at time of purchase. Takes 5-7 days.
What you get:
One Jacquard Side-lacing Bodice
One Matching Jacquard Skirt
One Set of Matching Tudor Sleeves
One Velvet Over-Skirt

The jacquard fabric is gorgeous, rich, and beautiful. There is a slight sheen, and the swirling, floral pattern is embroidered and stands out. The bodice has grommets and thick boning on the sides, and boned in the front.

Both skirts (you get two) have an elastic waistband.
The under-skirt matches the bodice (vest). It will be made with the jacquard fabric. It may be worn separately to give a new look.
The over-skirt is velvet and open in front to show the jacquard under skirt.

The sleeves are detachable and have grommets at shoulder which are used to lace to the grommets on the shoulders of the bodice. The bodice can be worn without the sleeves on hot days.
Ivory chemise, hoop skirt, jewelry and ruff are not included. Chemise and hoop skirt are sold separately.