Steampunk costumes are in stock and ship within 1-3 days. Our Renaissance clothing are custom hand-made at time of purchase and take about one to two weeks.

About the Renaissance:

Peasant Class

A peasant woman wore a cotton chemise under everything with two or more skirts. The older skirt would be worn under a newer one which would be tucked up to keep out of the dirt. She would wear a tight fitting bodice or vest and removable sleeves. She would wear her hair covered with a muffin cap or woven straw hat and her hair would have been braided or bundled up and out of the way. She would wear an apron to keep her clothing clean while working.

Upper Middle Nobility Class

A woman of this class would have worn a fine lined or cotton or maybe silk chemise under everything. It could be embroidered. She then wore a corset and farthingale (hoop-skirt) and petticoats. Her farthingale was less wide around the hem according to her status. Her underskirt would be richly decorated and her bodice was tight-fitting. She would have worn an overskirt that matched the bodice and could have been split up the front to display the ornate underskirt. Her sleeves would have been laced on. She may have worn a low heel and hat headpieces in imitation of the court. She may have had embroidered or beaded trim adorning her clothing, hat, and pouch if she could afford them.

Regal Royal Upper Nobility Classes
These upper class women wore a chemise under everything. It would be made of the finest fabrics: linen, silk, cotton. A farthingale or hoop skirt for fullness would be worn with petticoats to smooth the look. She would wear a tightly laced corset and an elaborate underskirt, overskirt bodice and sleeves. Some wore a Spanish Surcote over all of this. She would have worn a one to two inch heel of velvet or sating with embellishments or jewels. There were many different styles of hats for her to wear: flat cap, French Hood, Attifet. Ruffs at neck and wrist were worn. She would have been abundantly jeweled with rings, pearls, earrings, brooches and necklaces.