Steampunk costumes are in stock and ship within 1-3 days. Our Renaissance clothing are custom hand-made at time of purchase and take about one to two weeks.

Photography and Model info

If you love the photos and models, here is some info.

Tauna Carson is the wonderful stylist who connected me with all of this talent.

Pink Carnivale Dress:
Photographers-Cyrano Adlawan, Michael de Jesus and Sheri Determan

Hair-Gema Silva

Black Velvet Pirates Jacket
Model-Grant Linden
Photographer-Dan Underwood

Red Velvet Red Brocade Dres
Model-Mistianna Stromatt
Photographer-Dan Underwood

Navy Blue Brocade Front Lace with Navy Velvet Skirt

Photographer-Sheri Determan

Navy Velvet Dress
Model-Drew Garrett
Photographer-Sheri Determan

Contact Info: Sytlist Tauna
Michael de
Sheri Determan
Dan Underwood

Red Velvet Renaissance Dress Model: Makenna Photographer: Albert Melendez

Steampunk Red Dress: Model: Sizzling Sweet Pea Photographer: Harold Gonzalez

Steampunk Black Dress: Model: Morgan Bischoff Photographer: Harold Gonzalez

Steampunk Brown: Anna Z.