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19" Steampunk Hitch-up Chains work great! READY TO SHIP

19" Steampunk  Hitch-up Chains work great! READY TO SHIP
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Product Description

Hitch up your skirt in front and or back and hang charms and accessories. You get a set of two to hike up the skirt and hang charms. Comes with cute clasp for easy use. Just wrap around the skirt where you want it to be shorter, and attach the clasp. Wrap the chain around skirt 2-3 times for a shorter skirt. Charms not included. Just the chains.

How to: 1. The chains usually come latched together, so unlatch them from each other. 2. Put the skirt(s) on and then lift up the front and bunch the fabric in one hand. 3.Then with the other, slip the chain around that bunch of fabric and wrap it as many times as you want depending on how short or long you want the front. 4.Then latch the chains. 5.Shove the chains to the left. 6.Then do the same with the right side and the second chain.